These are a few of my Favorite Things

Recently, I realized I had reached a season in my life where I needed find people who could encourage me with mindset, professional goals and work things. I needed mentors, so to speak, who have gone before me in business and life, but people who weren’t necessarily in the same line of work as me. I had one big requirement…I wanted them to be essentially strangers. This may sound odd, but I really wanted a completely fresh perspective from different people with different experiences and career paths. And I’m happy to say, I lucked out BIG time and got the best of the best.

Laura Johns The Small Town Creative

Every other Tuesday, I get up bright and early (which means, they see me at my best - lol), and we hash out all things business. Then, throughout the day almost every day, we chat on Marco Polo about anything that comes to mind. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear such great perspectives on a regular basis.

This week, one of my gals posted a great blog about her favorite things, and she encouraged me to do the same. While these aren’t all business related, some are, and others are just things that have made my life just a touch more fun or flavorful. Feel free to DM me on Instagram @thesmalltowncreative or email me at if you have questions about any of these products.

While I always encourage LOCAL shopping, I also sometimes know that the convenience of Amazon is a good thing, so I’m shooting links your way.

Fruit Infusion Pitcher
I don’t drink enough water and, sadly, needed motivation to do so. I love keeping this pitcher stocked with limes, lemons, strawberries, blueberries or anything else I can find. It definitely helps make water more fun.


Silk Pillowcase
After hearing all you young whipper snappers tell me about the fancy P.J. Harlow pajamas, I thought…I like this fancy silk deal. But I’m not one much to spend $100 on something I sleep in. So, I decided to meet in the middle and invest in a fancy silk pillowcase. I absolutely love it!


Yi Home Camera
This is mainly a tip for the parents in the room, but after trying a $200+ baby monitor when we first had our little guy, I would stand on the mountaintops proclaiming how much I love this monitor. Our expensive monitor didn’t last long at all (had to be held together by tape within four month). So, I resorted to Amazon for a cheap one, thinking this would “get us by.” I LOVE this monitor. It connects easily, works with our mobile phones, and it’s been perfect for our home. I even bought one for my parent’s house so I wouldn’t have to take ours back and forth.


Built to Sell
So, I’ve become much more of a listener than a reader hear lately, resorting to podcast and audio books for my continuing education. I heard someone refer to this book on a podcast, and I actually ordered it in paperback. It’s called Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You. It’s a fiction book about an entrepreneur building his business and realizing that if he goes down, his business is going down with him. So, it walks you through the frame work to grow a business to sell but in a fun way. There are TONS of books on this type of thing, but I love that John Warrillow turned this very real scenario into fiction. It’s inspiring but also fun and quick. Great airplane read!


While it’s just a few things on my Favorite Things list (I plan to have more later), these are most definitely some of my absolute can’t live with out things. I hope you enjoy!