My Instagram Dreams are Coming True

My Instagram dreams are coming true, and yours are too, you just don't know it yet. But I'm about to tell you why. PLANN, my favorite visual Instagram planning app, just announced that they will soon be releasing a desktop platform. This may seem like they are going backwards (as people may think things are moving away from computers and to mobile devices). However, for me, planning social media content from a computer is so.much.easier. than using a phone. And with PLANN, they make it so intuitive, so I know it will only be that much better. 

What I already love about PLANN.
For Instagram, PLANN does it all.  Here are a few key things I love about the app. And you can do most of this for FREE.

1. View your feed before you post.
With PLANN, you can arrange photos in the order you'd like them. I like to simply dump all my good photos as I have them into the app, and go ahead and move them around (knowing that it will be within the next 10-20 days or so). If something better comes up, so be it, but at least I am able to maintain a cohesive look for the most part. SPOILER ALERT! Here's a sneak peek of my feed for the next few weeks. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 10.33.24 PM.png

2. Save hashtags.
Hashtags really can be such a pain, but they really so important for finding your tribe on Instagram. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...just like with everything, the more advanced planning you do, the easier it will be. Hashtags can be stored by topic easily right here in the app. That way, every time you get ready to post, you can grab the most appropriate hashtags for that post. If you spend 30 minutes right now, you can save 10-15 segments of hashtags. I promise it makes it a zillion times less complicated when you get ready to post. Just grab and go. Here are a few hashtags I've saved.

PLANN Hashtag Strategy

3. Know when to post.
You can set a reminder or manually determine the time you'd like to post from PLANN. And, if you don't know when to post, the app will suggest the most optimal time for you. Beautiful, huh?

4. Determine a strategy.
Do you hear people talk about Instagram strategy, and all you know is you don't have one? The beautiful thing about PLANN is they make it simple for you. It gives you the ability to create themes for your feed to help make it easy. Decide what your key themes are (5 or so), and post consistently with those themes each week. This not only helps you stay organized, but it helps build your tribe on Instagram, allowing you to hone in on the people you really want to connect with on the app. 

PLANN also gives great analytics, too, but I actually use a different application (S/O Sprout Social) for all of my analytics, so I can't speak to it as thoroughly as the other items on my list.

Honestly, the only negative I have to say about PLANN is that it be a little challenging to navigate for multiple platforms. But they've made it as easy as possible considering you're flipping from one to another. No platform is truly "simple" when it comes to that. 

Why PLANN for Desktop Will Rock
Call me old fashioned, but I love knocking out social media scheduling and planning at a computer, so I can use my mouse and drag things rather than my finger. Plus, sometimes I just get tired of my dang phone. But that aside, to be able to visually see photos, type content and plan it out.

So, if you want to see the Desktop app, too, use this link to let PLANN know! They'll put you in line to receive this awesome application on your computer, and we will all be rejoicing on that day.

In the spirit of stepping up your Instagram game, I have created a downloadable 31-day content plan for FREE. So, check it out by clicking here.