Creative Spotlight: EAU Jewelry

Sometimes, you have those friends that you know, no matter what they do, it will be successful. I want give a big shout out to Emily Brown. She is one of those people. Emily is one of my best friends, college suite mate and the person who I can always count on to bring encouragement when I need it most. She always has a way of making me look at things in a whole new way, and I think that's what makes her one of my favorite friends and also what makes her creativity so unique.

I'm honored that she Emily sees me as worthy of getting a "first look" at her jewelry experiments. Any jewelry request I've thrown at her, she's been up to the task. She is a brilliant artist, creator, maker and visionary. And her next genius creation is one for the books.

Me and Em in 2007, shoving ourselves into a cab with barely enough time to get back before our Martha's Vineyard shuttle left us. 

Me and Em in 2007, shoving ourselves into a cab with barely enough time to get back before our Martha's Vineyard shuttle left us. 

Emily grew up in Clinton, Mississippi, and attended Mississippi College (go Choctaws!). She married Wayne Brown, her college sweetheart and loved him wholeheartedly even though he went to Millsaps (kidding, y'all). Not long after they married, they headed off to Los Angeles to pursue what God had for them on the West Coast. Emily attended FIDM, one of the most well-known colleges for creatives in the world, and they served at Mosaic, an explosive missional church with multiple campuses in California. After L.A., Emily and Wayne made their way back to Mississippi (via Houston) and settled in Madison where she spends her time creating and raising their precious two little ones. 

Although Emily had been making jewelry for years, Emily officially started EAU Jewelry in 2013. Rather than waiting on someone to hand her a roadmap to difference making (admit it, some of us are still waiting for it), Emily had the vision to see that there was a way she could make difference in the world right from her home. She named her business EAU (French for water) and, bit by bit, Emily used her proceeds from EAU to give money to clean water organizations. It wasn't long before she was able to spread the love to other non-profits. 

Original water drop bangle bracelet from EAU Jewelry.

Original water drop bangle bracelet from EAU Jewelry.


With a simple style, Emily creates some of the most stunning pieces with her own two hands. "I love every piece I made with EAU, but I strive for everything to tell stories, like my nest and mama bear necklaces," Emily said. While Emily's business ebbs and flows with the demands of motherhood, she is able to draw inspiration from her children. "My kids inspire me to do what I love, and I want them to see how important it is to find joy in giving back," she said. "I think about lessons I want to teach by example, and those are two things are pretty high in priority for me."

While I can't choose what my favorites are either, the gold hoops are the item I would cry if I ever left at home while on a weekend trip. I also will forever love the knot bracelets that Emily made for several of my closes girlfriends on my wedding day. I still wear mine nearly every day.


Emily's Most Recent Work
Her most recent pieces are in limited supply, so I put my order in before this blog post published, of course. Emily's mother-in-law recently traveled to Israel and brought shells back from the Sea of Galilee. "She knew I loved to create jewelry and had seen my wire wrapped shells from previous vacations, so she gave them to me to make something," Emily said. "My entire life, I've carried stories in my heart that happened near this exact location," she added. "Now, I can wear shells to remind me of the miracles of Jesus daily."

Sea of Galilee Necklaces - EAU Jewelry
Sea of Galilee Necklaces

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